Student Projects

Here you will find an archive of student projects in Nuclear New Mexico beginning with the Fall 2015 class.

2018 Spring Semester Projects

Uranium & Nuclearism Podcast” by Charlene Blackledge & Ian Carrillo

2016 Fall Semester Projects

Radioactive Taos” website by Joseph Concha & Leroy Martinez

Toxic Southwest– Website by Cody Slama and Joe Trevino

2015 Spring Semester Projects

Contamination and the Land of NM: A Brochure by Gordon Loiselle

HOME: A Zine About Nuclear NM by Rachel Abeyta

In-Situ Leech Mining By Emily Wilson

Nuclear NM News/Info Website by Julia-Deana Roberson and Alex Johnson

Radionuclides in the Food Chain by Joseph Padilla