Nuclear Waste

Alliance For Environmental Strategies – March 1, 2018

Dangerous and potentially deadly radioactive waste may be headed for Southeastern NewMexico unless people take action to stop it. Holtec, a private corporation, has applied to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for a license for “Consolidated Interim Storage” of up to 100,000 metric tons of “spent” nuclear reactor fuel, for in-ground storage in Lea County, New Mexico. This, the nation’s most dangerous nuclear waste would be transported by rail first to this site then transported again when “a scientifically viable permanent disposal site becomes available.”

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Feds to review proposed waste site for nuclear fuel rods– Mar 1, 2018

The federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission will begin a lengthy review of an East Coast company’s proposal to store up to 100,000 metric tons of spent nuclear fuel rods in underground casks on a nearly 1,000-acre parcel in southeastern New Mexico’s Lea County. Florida- and New Jersey-based Holtec Inc. submitted an application about a year ago for what was described as interim storage of the highly radioactive rods, now mainly kept on-site at nuclear power plants because no permanent storage facility exists. The plan had strong support from the Eddy-Lea Energy Alliance — a consortium that includes the two adjacent counties, as well as the cities of Hobbs and Carlsbad, home of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant where transuranic waste from nuclear weapons development is stored in underground salt caverns.

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State of New Mexico Municipality of Lake Arthur, New Mexico Resolution No. 2017-13– To find the full resolution go here.

Map of Proposed Centralized Interim Storage (CIS) Facilities & Nuclear Power Plants Across the U.S.


Request for NRC to allow adequate time for New Mexico Legislators and state agencies to examine potential impacts and policy recommendations related to the proposed Consolidated Interim High-Level Radioactive Waste Storage Site facility– Feb. 14, 2018

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High-Level Radioactive Waste Flyer

High-level radioactive waste is the most dangerous of all radioactive materials. Contamination resulting from the Fukushima meltdown disaster came from this same source – irradiated fuel from nuclear reactors.

High-level radioactive waste includes irradiated (used) fuel rods from nuclear reactors that contain uranium and plutonium. Radiation exposure can cause genetic damage, leading to birth defects, and cause many kinds of cancers, radiation sickness and even death. A person exposed to unshielded spent fuel rods would be immediately incapacitated and die.

New Mexico already has numerous nuclear facilities and we don’t need any more. A single rail car of deadly high-level radioactive waste would carry as much plutonium as the bomb dropped on Nagasaki. WE DO NOT CONSENT!

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