Interactive Map of Potential Dangers of the Mixed Waste Landfill

The Mixed Waste Landfill (MWL) is an unlined dump, home to “low level” radioactive waste including byproducts of nuclear weapons, nuclear energy production, metallic sodium as well as many other hazardous materials. This unlined pit has the potential to leak into local aquifers and there is evidence that contamination could already be occurring. Radiation is something that is hard to visualize, thus the focus of our project was to create a map to visually map out the potential dangers of the Mixed Waste Landfill. The map indicates the location of our precious aquifer, the proximity of residencies to the MWL, and the potential area of impact if the dump were to explode (based on a documented explosion of a similar dump in Beatty, Nevada).

Check out the interactive map

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Dismantling the Nuclear Beast: Connecting Local Work to the National Movement

The Nuclear Issues Study Group (NISG) would like to invite you to take part in Dismantling the Nuclear Beast—a unique and timely event, and the first of its kind to take place in New Mexico!

You can watch all three days of our symposium here:

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It’s finally here!

…and we couldn’t do it without everyone’s participation to put this historic event together. Thank you to all our organizers, volunteers, presenters, UNM Sustainability Studies Program, and our donors. There’s still time to contribute to making this event a success, we kindly ask for your support by making a donation today.

Click link below to donate online, securely via our crowdsourcing campaign.

Or donate securely online directly to NISG via PayPal (credit, debit, PayPal).

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Thanks! from all of us NISG Volunteer-Organizers 🙂


About Nuclear Issues Study Group (NISG)
It is no secret that New Mexico has been and continues to be greatly impacted by every link of the nuclear fuel chain. The Nuclear Issues Study Group, founded in 2016, is a grassroots organization run entirely by volunteers and is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We meet regularly, and our membership comes from local New Mexico communities, including: organizers, young people, indigenous peoples, people of color, the LGBTQ community, students, artists, activists, and people who care about our water, lands, air, and public health. We work on several projects, as well as support local, statewide, and national campaigns to protect New Mexico from all things nuclear.

As part of this effort, we are organizing a symposium titled “Dismantling the Nuclear Beast: Connecting Local Work to the National Movement”. The symposium will take place Friday, December 1st through Sunday, December 3rd, 2017 at the Hibben Center on the University of New Mexico campus in Albuquerque.

About the Symposium
From uranium mining and enrichment to weapons production and nuclear waste storage, we are quite literally in the “belly of the beast”. In order to make information accessible and to get others involved, we will have several presentations, panel discussions, and information tables focusing on all of these topics. We are inviting speakers from all over New Mexico and the country to share their stories, their work, and how we can take action to protect our environment and our communities!

We will kick off our symposium with a special collaboration between NISG and the New Mexico Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) on Friday afternoon. This opening workshop, dubbed “Environmental Justice: Nuclear Colonialism, Social Work, and Our Future in NM”, will provide an overview of the many nuclear sites in our state and make connections to the field of social work. Specifically, we will cover recent environmental justice issues specific to the misuse of water, natural resources, and sacred places, as well as the disproportionate occurrence of nuclear facilities in communities of color and lower socioeconomic status (SES). To wrap up this workshop, NASW NM will facilitate a discussion on the Social Work Code of Ethics, vulnerable populations, and paths to advocacy and action. If you are a social worker or student of social work, click here to register online with the NASW NM Chapter to obtain your continuing education units (CEUs).

During the symposium, we will do our best to explore and expose every aspect of the nuclear fuel chain—past, current, and future—as well as highlight some key threats to New Mexico that NISG is focusing on including: Sandia National Laboratories’ Mixed Waste Landfill and the proposed Centralized “Interim” Storage of high-level radioactive waste.

Our full program agenda is forthcoming and will be posted here when available. Check back often for updates.

The purpose of our symposium is as follows:

  • To make information about nuclearism & nuclear colonialism accessible to the general public; this includes being intentional about avoiding the use of jargon, acronyms, and other forms of language (such as “Nukespeak”) that alienate rather than attract new people to the movement
  • To help bridge gaps of knowledge between the different aspects of the nuclear chain, specifically those who work on uranium mining issues and those who work on issues of nuclear waste, transportation, weapons, and power
  • To incorporate and have a solid space for Art, Music, Film, and Poetry in this movement
  • To unite and promote solidarity in our struggles by bringing communities together in New Mexico, right here, in the “belly of the beast”
  • To bring a new generation into the anti-nuclear movement
  • To equip attendees with tools to act on their increased knowledge about nuclearism & nuclear colonialism in positive, concrete ways and to get involved locally & nationally

Dismantling the Nuclear Beast Through Art & Poetry
On Friday evening, we will have an Art Opening reception for a special exhibit that will be on display in the lobby of the Hibben Center during the symposium. On Saturday evening, we welcome musicians, poets, and filmmakers to take center stage highlighting how art is a necessary part of every movement. Together, both evenings comprise our two-part event we call: Dismantling the Nuclear Beast Through Art & Poetry.

We can be protectors. We can live without fear of holocaust, destruction, and nuclear poison. We can be a self-sustaining peoples who nurture our environment and each other. Art is capable of creating pathways to do so, when we feel we do not have a voice. Art reaches across human made borders, laws, and languages. Art can be uniting, fearless, spiritual, and healing.

CALL TO ARTISTS: If you feel moved to create a piece for our symposium art exhibit, we are accepting self-standing sculptures and visual art that is ready to hang. Submissions can be dropped off at the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice, located at: 202 Harvard Dr, Albuquerque NM by November 25th during normal business hours. (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm). Please sign our release form upon dropping off all art pieces. Items can be listed for sale and 100% of the proceeds will be given to the artist.

If you have an audio, film, or multi-media piece (5-15min in length), email us at with a description and/or online link to your work. We will do our best to fit these pieces in as part of the Dismantling the Nuclear Beast Through Art & Poetry evening events, or during the symposium agenda.

Support the Symposium
In order to make this event a success, we are calling on you and our extended community to make a monetary donation to assist with the expenses of our symposium. Our fundraising goal is $5,000.00 and costs include: venue rental, speaker fees, travel, food & beverages, printing, and professional services. We are determined to minimize the expenses for this event by garnishing in-kind services and other donations, but still have quite a bit of funds to raise.

We simply cannot succeed without your financial support, please give what you can. Thanks!

Click Here to donate online, securely via our crowdsourcing campaign.

Or donate securely online directly to NISG via PayPal (credit, debit, PayPal).

Please mail or hand carry to the Indigenous Rights Center* mailbox, located inside the Albuquerque Center for Peace & Justice (SE corner of Harvard & Silver).

Indigenous Rights Center
202 Harvard Dr SE #5
Albuquerque, NM 87106

*The Indigenous Rights Center is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.


Dismantling the Nuclear Beast
Symposium Schedule

Live Stream will be available throughout the event:

(Schedule Subject to Some Changes)

Day 1: Friday, December 1, 2017 _______________________________________

2:30-5:00    Environmental Justice: Nuclear Colonialism, Social Work, and our Future in New Mexico,  A workshop in collaboration with the National Association of Social Workers-New Mexico Chapter (NASW-NM). *If you are a Social Worker or Student seeking CEUs, you must register for this workshop by Thursday 12pm via the NASW-NM website, click here to do so.

  • Presentation: Leona Morgan, Diné No Nukes
  • Discussion: Social Work Code of Ethics & Eco-Justice,  NASW-NM Moderator

5:30-7:00    Dismantling the Nuclear Beast Through Art & Poetry Opening Reception in Lobby

  • DJ Jezmundo!
  • Poetry by Joel Lorimer
  • Poetry and Song by BlueBird
  • Short film: Hiroshima-Nagasaki, August 1945

7:00-8:30    Keynote Address: Singing the Same Song

  • Verna Teller, Southern Tiwa – Pueblo of Isleta

Day 2: Saturday, December 2, 2017_____________________________________

9:15-10:00    Morning Reception: Mingling & Tabling in Hibben Center lobby with coffee and refreshments

10:00-10:15      Welcome & Prayer

10:15-11:00    Timeline of Resistance

  • Leona Morgan, Cofounder NISG
  • Eileen Shaughnessy, Cofounder NISG

11:00-11:15    Break

11:00-2:00    Healing Arts Massage by Cal for Attendees in lobby, by donation

11:15-12:30    Uranium Mining, Milling, & Enrichment Panel, Moderator: Leona Morgan   

  • Yolanda Badback, Ute Mountain Ute, White Mesa Concerned Community
  • Rose Gardener, Alliance for Environmental Strategies (Video Message)
  • Klee Benally, Haul No!
  • Chris Shuey, Southwest Research and Information Center

12:30-1:30     Lunch Break  (Food Truck available)

1:30-2:45    Nuclear Weapons Development, Testing, Stockpile & UN Treaty, Moderator: Eileen Shaughnessy

  • Kathy Sanchez, Tewa Women United
  • Beata Tsosie-Peña, Tewa Women United
  • Tina Cordova, Tularosa Basin Downwinders’ Consortium
  • Dr. Myrriah Gómez, UNM
  • Joni Arends, Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety
  • Jay Coghlan, Nuclear Watch New Mexico

2:45-3:00     Break

3:00-4:30    Student Presentations

  • Sustainability Studies 334: Environmental Justice Practicum
  • Sustainability Studies 418: Nuclear New Mexico: Social and Environmental Impacts

4:30-4:45    Break

4:45-6:00    Nuclear Energy & Waste, Moderator: Cody Slama

  • Lindsay Harper, MBA, MAE, Georgia WAND (Women’s Action for New Directions)
  • Karen Hadden, SEED (Sustainable Energy & Economic Development) Coalition
  • Diane D’Arrigo, Nuclear Information & Resource Service
  • Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear
  • Don Hancock, Southwest Research and Information Center

6:00-7:00    Dinner Break

7:00-8:45    Dismantling the Nuclear Beast Through Art & Poetry

  • Walatowa Massive, Hip Hop
  • Poetry By Beata Tsosie-Pena
  • Film Clip: Crying Earth Rise Up
  • Short Student Film: Uranium on Navajo Land by Lalydia Belone
  • Eileen & the In-Betweens, Indie Folk music

Day 3: Sunday, December 3, 2017 ______________________________________

9:15-9:45    Morning Reception: Mingling & Tabling in Hibben Center lobby with coffee and refreshments

9:45-10:00   Welcome & Prayer

10:00-11:00    “Which Indian?” Morning Yoga Practice

  • Farah Nousheen and Zubin Shroff, People of Color Yoga for Healing Empowerment

11:00-11:15     Break

11:00-2:00    Healing Arts Massage by Cal for Artists and Speakers (in lobby)

11:15-12:30    Indigenous-Rooted Direct Action: Resisting Nuclear Colonialism

  • Klee Benally,

12:30-1:30     Lunch Break (Food Truck available)

1:30-2:45    Take Action! Locally, Nationally, & Internationally, Moderators: Denise Brown & Joel Lorimer

  • Petuuche Gilbert, Pueblo of Acoma
  • Dave McCoy, Citizen Action NM
  • Leona Morgan, Nuclear Issues Study Group
  • Other Topics: International Waste Transport, Uranium Transport, Nuclear Waste Policy Act Amendments (H.R. 3053), International Solidarity

2:45-3:00    Break

3:00-4:30    Student Presentations

  • Sustainability Studies 334: Environmental Justice Practicum
  • Sustainability Studies 418: Nuclear New Mexico: Social and Environmental Impacts

4:30-4:45    Break

4:45-5:45    “Hall of Victories” – NISG

  • Honoring All and Our Work
  • Work that Reconnects

5:30-6:00     Closing Remarks

  • Leona Morgan, Cofounder NISG
  • Eileen Shaughnessy, Cofounder NISG


Parking Information:
For Friday’s workshop, please observe all parking restrictions and times or you will be ticketed. On Saturday and Sunday, there is free parking along Redondo Road and in Parking Lots B & C. See Parking Map for closest parking areas.

Click for online Parking map.

For More Information
You can also “Like Us” on Facebook:
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We hope to see you at the symposium!
Nuclear Issues Study Group





Mixed Waste Landfill Press Conference: April 14th, 2017

Mixed Waste Landfill: A Threat to Albuquerque, Isleta Pueblo, and all of New Mexico

Come Learn about Albuquerque’s Best Kept, Most Dangerous Secret!

Press Conference, April 14th, 2017 7pm-9pm

Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice (202 Harvard Dr. SE)


The UNM Sustainability Studies 334: Environmental Justice Practicum class will host a press conference open to press and the wider Albuquerque community on the topic of Sandia’s notorious Mixed Waste Landfill. Students will share their research and semester projects which highlight concerns about a potential explosion of the materials buried on Sandia’s property which could result in a widespread release of radioactive materials (as happened in a very similar dump in Beatty, NV in 2015). There is also concern that the radioactive and chemical waste, which is buried in an unlined pit, could contaminate groundwater (or potentially already has).


Come join UNM Sustainability Studies students, community members, and local activists to learn more about “Albuquerque’s best kept, most dangerous secret: the Mixed Waste Landfill.”

Welcome to Nuclear New Mexico

This website was created as a part of University of New Mexico’s Sustainability Studies “Nuclear New Mexico” course taught by Eileen Shaughnessy in Albuquerque, NM. The site will serve as an archive for student projects, a platform for community organizing around nuclear issues, and a source for educational material on the environmental and social impacts of nuclearism. Please browse the site and check back frequently for updated information.